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IDMP 314

IDMP 314 Required Coursepack

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This coursepack contains the following e-workbooks for DISM 1133 in .PDF format:

01-DMP - The Impact of Cultural Diversity - V.10
02-DMP - Multi-generational Workplaces - V. 10
03-DMP - Management of Psychological Disabilities - V.10
04-DMP - Disability Claims with Strong Psychosocial Overtones - Part 1 - V.10
05-DMP - Disability Claims with Strong Psychosocial Overtones - Part 2 - V.10
06-Disability Management Practitioners - Career Development - v.10
07-DMP - Best Practices - v.10
08-DM - Professionalism and Certification - v.10

File size is roughly 13 MB.

All coursepacks/downloads can be downloaded three times.

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  3. Access the extracted files by clicking the appropriate icons.

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