How to access my e-book?

Step One: Open e-mail containing your access code

Click the link provided under Step 2 in your access e-mail

Step Two: Click the link contained in the e-mail

Copy the code then click the arrow icon to be redirected.

Step Three: Login or create an account on Bookshelf

If you have used Bookshelf in the past login here. 
If this is your first time using the interface create an account. 
***Please note this where you will be logging in to access your e-book in future. We recommend saving this webpage as a favorite for easy access. 

Step Four: Redeem Code 

Click "Redeem Codes" 




Step Five: Paste your code

Congratulations you have successfully accessed your e-book!

If you have received any error codes or are unable to access your e-book, please reach out to us via at